Dam & Puppies

This is such a precious site to see Annya cradling her pup.

112413 009

This little guy is being VERY cuddled.

112413 019

Annya is wondering what is under those covers.

112413 036


Here is a winter scene of our creek. This is Hornet contemplating the crossing.


This is our Grand Dam Gilda using the bridge cautiously.


The Ridgebacks like the jumping off platform to stage their crossing.

iPhone Pix 051

Viewing the Property

This is the view I wanted to share yesterday. The snow is all melted for the most part. Will be soon. It looks bleak but now is the time when the scenery opens up between the trees.

IMG 1417 2

In mid summer the grasses are so thick that the bridge shown above is impassable. Well maybe not for a crazy Ridgeback.

IMG 1013

Early Spring

This is our creek a few weeks ago before the snow melt. The Ridgebacks were so excited to get out. They had a major case of cabin fever.

IMG 1402

This is what we are waiting for.

IMG 0981

Ridgeback Stuff

This is typical Ridgeback snooze mode. If there is a couch or chair let’s use it.

IMG 0923

Joni reminds me a water buffalo here. She had a good run and is chilling her jets.

IMG 0994

Here is a great photo of Shanti taking Winners Dog from the 6-9 month puppy class at the Western Washington Hound Association show. With esteemed Breeder Judge Barbara Rupert. Proud co-owner Mike Miller is Shanti’s handler.

DSC 8518

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